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Need a price on t-shirts? Here's what we need to know.

  1. When do you need them? Normal turnaround is about two weeks, but we will work with you if you need shirts for an event. Deadlines of a week or less usually incur a rush charge.
  2. How many shirts in your order? We need your closest estimate. It's most economical to print at least 13 shirts, and the larger the order - the lower the price.
  3. What color shirt do you need? Mixing colors shouldn't affect your price if you can use the same imprint color(s) with all.
  4. How many colors/locations in your imprint design? For instance, are you printing two colors on front and one on back? Remember that when screen printing, each color and location requires a new screen, and each screen adds $25 to the overall cost  of your first order.
  5. Do you prefer a 50/50 blend or 100% cotton shirt? 100% cotton are pre-shrunk, but how you launder shirts makes a difference. We sell more 50/50  - many claim they are cooler to work in. Ultimately, it is a personal preference.
  6. What is your range of sizes? Because small children's shirts usually require a smaller imprint, additional screen charges may apply. Adult sizes S-XL are priced the same, XXL and larger shirts are slightly higher in cost. Some of the more exotic colors are sometimes difficult to find in very large sizes.
  7. Do you have a brand preference? We offer most popular brands, and all of our shirts are of good quality. We will be happy to furnish you a catalog or suggest a suitable shirt.
Call 901.266.2464 or email us with the answers and we'll be happy to figure your quote!